Begonia B&W - Isabela Quintes
Palmera B&W - Isabela Quintes
Maranta B&W - Isabela Quintes
Medallion B&W - Isabela Quintes
Makoyana B&W - Isabela Quintes
About collection
In English "Duality"
Black and white colors are always accompanied by the question: are they considered colors? There is no doubt that white is the sum of all the colors of light and black is absence.

According to Eva Heller, in the book "Psychology of color" a black and white photograph seems to have more value than another in color. It is even said that some directors forego color in their films so that their content receives more attention. In such a multicolored world, black and white are the colors of objective facts.

Duality is a collection based on opposites that complement each other, in colors that are not colors, or maybe they are. Duality asks you to focus on what is being looked at, its form and meaning.