Isabela Quintes is a brazilian artist based in Barcelona

She studied Fashion Design in Brazil, where she developed professionally until she moved to Spain. The change of air motivated her to try new areas related to the Fine Arts and, in a self-taught way, she started to go deeper into drawing, painting and pottery.

In a constant process of investigation and exploration, her native country is her main source of inspiration, where there is an enormous wealth of tropical flowers and plants.

She currently works as a freelance artist and her creations focus on botanical watercolor painting, either on paper, canvas or in ceramic pieces made by herself.

She also works with digital illustrations and surface design. From there came the course that she teaches at Domestika "Botanical Watercolor for Patterns”.

About the shop

This is not just an ordinary shop

What you see here is the result of the work of an independent artist. All products are produced, packaged and shipped by Isabela.

Also, to avoid wasting material, we work with a reduced stock of all products.